Ok so yeah I know these are late, and to be honest I feel like I have neglected my blogging and posting massively due to time commitments elsewhere.

However, my time is becoming my own again and its now time for me to re focus and work on my business rather than in it….

My previous post/blog covered the Applied Biosignature Transformations course that I had just undertaken.Now its time to cover things step by step.

The first place covered is albeit is simple


As well as being a limiting factor for health, it is also plays a huge role in the energy process to burn (technically breathe out fat!) When we are dehydrating increase risk is increased, performance is lowered and it actually makes you hungry.

Do you drink enough?

The recommended amount is 33ml x your bodyweight in kilograms. That will give you a suggested minimum amount. Now, this works to a point however, lets say you are at the start of your journey and you have quite a bit of excess/unwanted weight to drop then I normally make recommendations of just 3 litres a day purely because this will be a step in the right direction.

If the Hydration is not right then quite simply its going to be a limiting factor with regards to moving forward and progressing the pyramid to calories.

Tomorrows blog is going to cover the next step of the pyramid: CALORIES

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