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Complete the form below, enter your age, gender, weight and activity type and discover the ideal number of calories you should take to maintain, lose or gain weight.

You can have your results sent to you by email or download a PDF to take away. We have also provided a comprehensive guide to the calorie burning rates of common exercises.

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NEVER go below 1200 calories

Use the calorie calculator to accurately work out how much you should be eating depending on your lifestyle and your goals. You can use the email option to have the results emailed to you for your records.

Please note that this calculator is an approximate guide and that you should NEVER drop below 1200 calories per day. Should it display numbers too close to that or below please do not hesitate to contact me direct for more precise macros and breakdowns to ensure safety.


WPT takes minimal to no responsibility of the numbers and guidance this external calculator suggests.


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