Blog 97 Stress Reduction Tools

They're are literally loads of techniques we can use! They range from mediation to listening to music to just watching the rain or clouds move. For some people its cleaning, for some people its training, both of these increase stress in some way also though so they...

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Blog 96 To Summarise Stress and GI Health

There we have it in a nutshell The last few days Ive blogged albeit very brief amount of information on the factors that make up the whole topic of stress and Gut health! This is why it really isn't as simple as a calorie deficit and move more!! This is also why I...

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Blog 95.2 Stress and GI Tract (Perceived Stress)

Today we cover Perceived Stress. The reason for covering this one is because I believe them to really go hand in hand and they are the ones we have the most control over without going over board on extra expenses i.e supplementation So here goes in no particular...

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Blog 95 Stress and Gut Health (GI Tract)

Blog 96 Stress and Gut Health (GI Tract) As you can see from the image there are a number of different groupings when it comes to stress. In no particular order they can be broken down into: Perceived stress Circadian Disruption Inflammatory Signals Glycemic...

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Blog 94 Is it all about calorie deficit?

Extremely common at the moment and by far the preceding trend within the fitness industry The phrasing "its all about a calorie deficit.." Where to start with this one... At the start of someones fitness journey sure thing fine. It will work a treat. Generally because...

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Now you have the BMR and PAL numbers that you require what I tend to do is have the client track and record everything for one week to 10 days to find out and allow them to see exactly where they are and also exactly what calories they are consuming. Its then at this...

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Blog 92 How to find out BMR and TDEE

OK so the mathematical part that normally messes everyone around depending what calculator you use etc!! So you want to start your journey so naturally we have your goal and now we need to find your start point with regards to calories. When it comes to counting...

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Blog 91 A.B.T Stage 2

Today we cover calories. So the Client ticks the hydration box and so now we can be comfortable at working on the calories as we now know the nutrients have a chance at getting in and out of the individual. Normally I tackle both hydration and calories of a client at...

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Blog 90 A.B.T Stage 1

Ok so yeah I know these are late, and to be honest I feel like I have neglected my blogging and posting massively due to time commitments elsewhere. However, my time is becoming my own again and its now time for me to re focus and work on my business rather than in...

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