Today we cover calories.

So the Client ticks the hydration box and so now we can be comfortable at working on the calories

as we now know the nutrients have a chance at getting in and out of the individual.

Normally I tackle both hydration and calories of a client at the same time. Well 90% of the time.

Once here at this stage calories can be broken down into another pyramid system.

As seen in the picture of the post.

Whats important to consider here is the Clients goal. Then its a case of using the required formula which will be covered tomorrow

so that we can find out the clients BMR/TDEE and set them accordingly.

Is that above step sometimes too much too soon, possibly. Some people are not ready to count calories or track,

These people are the so called ‘intuitive eaters’ who have never tracked (apparently) (yeah and im the pope!)

I will cover the various equations tomorrow.

A lot of people state now that its all about a calorie deficit and energy in vs energy out.

Now energy in vs energy out fine, not an issue, but at some point a calorie deficit will quite simply not cut it.

That will be due to stage 3 of the A.B.T pyramid – Stress and GI Tract which will be covered in a two days

Do an individual need to remove a macro etc


they may need to control a little better and re learn basic nutrition but thats exactly why my clients are only told

too worry about water, calories and protein goals initially.

Check out tomorrows post for the relevant equations and how to figure out your BMR/TDEE/NEAT/PAL

PICTURE CREDIT: @Poliquingroup

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