Now you have the BMR and PAL numbers that you require what I tend to do is have the client

track and record everything for one week to 10 days to find out and allow them to see exactly where they are

and also exactly what calories they are consuming.

Its then at this point we start attempting to dial in and hit targets.

No food plans, no generic bikini or body builder type diets are provided.


Quite simply because its OUTSIDE OF A PT’S SCOPE OF PRACTISE.

Massive issue and pisses me off tenfold! 

and second to that, chances are its not going to have the same effect on you as it did on them as you are completely and utterly different to them!

So the best advice here I provide,

1, Stay on top of hydration

2. Worry about your protein goal first and foremost if the goal is fat loss and preservation of muscle tissue

3. Be consistent.

4. Be patient

Tomorrow blog is going to cover the third stage of the pyramid

Stress and the GI Tract

Well this one may need a few posts to be fair!!

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