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Hey again!

So to elaborate on yesterdays post as to why I said no to the relevant questions

The main reason is purely down to the stress the said activities cause and add to our daily lives. Step is all a huge inhibitor for poor digestion, and poor choices.

Stress plays a huge role in how we digest food and how our body functions and if we over do it we crash eventually.

When Clients come to me they are all happy during the consult, happy after making payment but when I then give them the programme structure (optimal suggested) then immediately ask the questions. They don’t ask why they just ask to change it because they can no longer do their HIIT or spin.

I used to be against stopping people from doing activity but now I have a much better understanding.

If the goal is to build muscle and strength or fat loss, and we want the results to be sustainable then we need to achieve them in a sustainable fashion.

What I fail to grasp is why clients seek professional advice and then question said professional advice.

I always ask these questions in return:

“how long have you been doing that for up until now?” Have you changed recently ?”

Simple questions that all help me bring them to the thought process and understanding.

Also getting clients to be compliant is a whole other issue.

Is someone who shoots an one arrow at a time more successful then someone who shoots multiple arrows?

The point I make is that we need the body to be singing off the same song sheet. If you do whats prescribed and in the method you are meant to then you will get results and also a lifestyle to boot! There is a reason for the choice of cardio in my programmes been steady state walking outdoors preferred for 45 minutes!


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