The ebook is doing well. The girls in the group are flying! The people who have started they’re nutrition plans are also flying.

Ok it hasn’t been without some kickback and hiccups along the way but everyone is playing nice now and shit is getting done!

Already Im seeing progress and reports of feeling happier and more importantly not starved!

I am still waiting for the feedback to arrive formally but so far people seem to be very content with what they are given when they sign up to the nutrition plan and the guide!

See when I break down the nutrition is 100% tailored the clients goals and its not done with a minus 12 minute time frame either.

Daily calories are prescribed, a weekly target and the macros. I never understand why some coaches don’t give these out!

I don’t provide food to eat, I don’t recommend foods to eat or prescribe MEAL PLANS that my friend is a nutritionalist!

They are so important for an individual to know and it does mean the client can look after themselves once they finished!

O Wait thats it!,,,

You don’t tell them because you want them to keep coming back and line your pocket with their cash..

Im an Idiot…

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