Blog 81

Getting shit done part 2 has been the theme for the last week.

I have been getting my s**t in order and the pilaff work is starting to clear up now!

I no longer feel like I’m neglecting something to do another task.

I have made a new change to my routine though and thats to go out at night and get my steps in when its pitch black and theres no one around.

It just feels so much more relaxing and peaceful its got god knows how many more benefits to it!

This has massively helped lower my blood sugar/control my blood sugar over the last few days.

Now its time to kick back into hyperdrive mood and get as much productive work stuff done by thursday as I can.

So the agenda this week is to get blogging again regularly, ensure all programmes are done and designed,

and also make a start on programming the UFBG 2!!

Excited and cannot wait to see everyone hammering home the results!


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