Blog 82

Level of seriousness.

Truth bombs, sensitive individuals do not read..

Now I get it, there are so much in the modern day market and false advertise within the fitness industry claiming that its all about HIIT or home workouts or whatever it may be that tells you it will help you achieve your perfect most desirable body.


unfortunately its not just that damn simple!

Consistency is the key and pushing yourself to new limits is the key to all progress whether it physical or mental.

Working out at home is sufficient but don’t expect anything other than sufficient.

I hear all the excuses under the sun, I have kids, I can’t make time, I have to work, I get home late, I need to do this and that yada yada yada

Well truth bomb two is we all have 24 hours in a day. Its not like Fergie time after 90 minutes and they magically end up with another 10 mins to pull it back.


Excuses are like arseholes and everybody has one.

If your going to present me with an excuse then chances are you are coming to the wrong person to help you change and attain the lifestyle you want.

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