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My favourite subject currently, ahhhhhhh

We all have them and we are all entitled to them. Does that mean we should share them?


Does it mean if I’m presented with an excuse I should entertain it like I’m your parent and cuddle you and tell you can still have what you want



You seek me out to assist to help you in your challenges and aims. I am a blunt person because Ive learnt been soft gets you the equivalent of bugger all.

Im not going to permit excuses, because I believe in your results and your journey and its actually feels like sometimes i believe in the said journey more than the individuals themselves.

I go above and beyond some say but I feel thats whats required to ensure good quality of service.

When I am then presented without another excuse or told I should be ‘more aware’ of just how blunt I am it literally grinds me to within a inch of losing my shit.


I am already aware of my actions and behaviours. I am at peace with all the consequences and repercussions it has on myself, my image and on the others person psychology. But one thing I won’t do is change anything about who I am or the way I act.

If you present the excuses, then I will most likely give you your money back or not accept it and say come back when your ready.

This all ties into the guide that was released.

Its designed using equipment. Its not a home workout type of guide. I implement weights and loads within the programming to ensure clients progress. Theres only so much the body can improve from bodyweight exercises, home workouts etc Sure there are variations but thats where you pay for a PERSONAL or ONLINE COACH not hope to get as much out of e for £30 that you can! thats just rude and quite frankly taking the piss.

See what I did there, I presented my opinion.

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