Blog 84

We all know that one person who places themselves on a perch above others by the means of sarcasm.

It literally really is not big and its not clever.

Lets use a recent experience.

Again ties in to the previous blogs where the excuse was time shortage due to commitment blah blah blah

I could read the sarcasm it was dripping like pure evil in a public forum trying to incite an apology of some description

Well a friend of mine once described me and my actions as just Geoff-in, my way through life.

So I did what anyone would expect of me that knows me..

I didn’t apologise. I remained polite (biggest challenge)

But now for the aftermath.

My sarcastic response should have been!

“You do realise that your have spent an entire 1 hours and 25 minutes been a keyboard warrior, not doing anything else which would have been time you could have got out and gone to the gym in??”

We all have time.

Dont challenge me with sarcasm because Im not going to be even worse. I am like a 7-10 year when I need to be.

I prefer not to be because been an adult is actually pretty cool.

So please next time you want to be sarcastic, think on it first and then ensure your ready.

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