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This is by far one of the most annoying and infuriating times of year for me along with the damn new year. I very rarely take on new clients pre christmas or the new year.

Without fail in this industry theres a huge push to gain as many clients as possible and this is generally by making empty promises to those individuals.

Whether its 21/28/45/60 days you can bet 50 quid that you will see some fit pro offering a deal where you can get in shape for those numbered days.

I don’t know whats worse to be honest and whether I feel sorry for the fit pros or the Clientele who fall for these things

They offer these things surely to get as much traffic as possible onto the said challenge or programme. (Hence the picture of a crowded bunch of creatures!)

Who the hell honestly believes they correct potential 3/6 months or even years of shit habits/crap lifestyle and poor eating routines!!!

My second issues with this is why the fuck do you/we/me want everything yesterday?

Third point to this is WANTING gets you the square root of naff all. You have to actually have a strong WHY, a purpose as such. It needs reason.

So in short, why not set yourself on the right path and have something created for you bespoke, with you in mind, with sustainability in mind.

I won’t make you promises that is easy sailing, I won’t make you promises that we will everything will be ok.

I won’t sugar coat any of it…

I will tell you the hard truths that no one else seems to be willing to tell you through fear of losing potential clients.


I would rather lose potential clients, than take on clients who DO NOT WANT TO MAXIMISE THEIR POTENTIAL...

Check out my site if you want to learn and understand and makes changes that are going to last!!

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