Blog 87 Topic of the week is loss of motivation.

We have all been there at some point. Whether its just after the Christmas period (can’t believe I’ve mentioned Christmas in November!) Its where everything in life is going to well, work, gym life, relationships,  injuries and we fly like we are flying. Then all of a sudden we end up de railed by something that shouldn’t even affect us as much as it does.

The best advice I can give here is quite simply not to give up!! Even if you dial things down slightly, social events, gym training, diet, maybe not work as you may get fired!


We have to remember that we are masters of our own destiny and direction. We must remember that. Its vital. We have responsibilities to others.

So should you find yourself struggling at the moment then don’t over think it all. Just take the time you need to recover and heal.

So when you lose that mojo, don’t stress. Keep things simple

Stay hydrated, get out and walk, meditate, breath, do things the very basic things you enjoy.

Mine are above and the only things missing our my stupidly crazy walks up mountains with my dog max and my daily affirmations.

It will come back, if something is meant to be it will return. An injury is a way of our body telling us not yet.

Everything will be ok..

Basics done well, and with consistency will be your saviour.

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