As I stated the other day I really wanted to cover this is slightly more detail.

Every single individual is different. Everyone needs breaks or reductions in training or at least volume but not intensity.

This word INTENSITY does not mean hot, sweaty, cardio or HIIT types of training. It means Intensity when it comes to weight.

There are several ways in which to incorporate a de load and when its required but the hard part is establishing:

1/ When a de load is required?

There can be several things that can cause an individual to require a de load but the easiest one is when you have been stressed enough and you lose your mojo when it comes to training or quite simply you are not feeling it.

When you arrive at this point it can be quite easy to combat in the sense of simply reduce sets, maybe even only consider doing only your A exercises and then just chilling out with some stretching and relaxation.


For some people this point can be hard to identify an at the same time they like me can be stubborn and just think fuck it lets push through and batter ourselves.

I two methods I like to use when it comes to including de loads.

With face to face clients, its easier for me to gauge from each performance in the gym and overtime I speak to them. I get to assess their energy levels, their mood, and just as importantly the weights they are lifting during their sessions. Once progress stops then normally I would include a de load to help lessen the accrued volume.

With online clients its a little harder unless they are super committed and willing to take the extra steps.I.E tracking heart rate each morning

Generally, with online clients because I don’t see them to assess, I write a de load into every third session so that I have at least limited their volume in some regards.

Now weight shouldn’t decrease the weight if anything (intensity) should increase. Its just the volume that increases. So instead of 5 r 6 sets is would be 3 or 4 sets.

Hope this helps a little and provides a little more knowledge when it comes to your training schedules and how to structure.


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