A.B.T Systems!!

Well last week was probably the best course I have done in a long time!!

It used to be called Biosignature and was ran by a company called Poliquin Group.

Its still ran by Poliquin Group but they have completely revamped it!! What you get for the cost is insane!!

The two Coaches who took us through the course have enough knowledge between them to probably write 1000 books.

I was introduced to a system that I fully agree with the fact its fool proof.

Quick overview of the course should I have any PTs following on here or my other platforms. (This will also inform already certified practitioners who have done the course previously but not since its changed!)

  1. Re-learning how to measure the 12 skin fold sites using Harpenden Calipers
  2. Understand and learn the A.B.T structure (Five stages)
  3. Build a deeper understanding of the Endocrine system and just how much more it can mess things up when it comes to fat loss/muscle gain
  4. 10 workouts through the week (Personal opinion – better than the old body composition course they used to run!)
  5. All Supplementss included in the week (massively reduced and simplified – you understand why once you start learning more about the body!
  6. Free 90 day trail of the software upon completion of the course.
  7. Learn from and spend time in the company of individuals who want to be better at their chosen profession and just help as many people as possible.

Each day this week im going to cover some of the things Ive learned and re learned this week!!

“Just because somethings simple doesn’t mean its easy” – Casper Jespersen 2018 

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