Extremely common at the moment and by far the preceding trend within the fitness industry

The phrasing

“its all about a calorie deficit..”

Where to start with this one…

At the start of someones fitness journey sure thing fine. It will work a treat. Generally because you are taking someone

who has being extremely inactive, not giving a fuck about what they eat and drink,

not lifting weights or doing any form of physical activity.

So of course,

by manipulating their diet, choices, putting them in a calorie deficit and having them move more to expend more energy than they make from the foods they consume

then yes , without a shadow of a doubt you are going to get positive impacts:

Weight loss

Fat Mass reduction

Lean muscle mass increase

More energy

Better lifestyle choices..

However, after a set point or another plateau gets reached theres a lot more to it. When I say a lot I dont just mean poxy genetics!

Stress is an absolutely huge overlooked factor when it comes to pursuing a goal. Now Stress manifests itself in a number of different ways.

Lack of sleep, Anxiety, Bad skin, elevated blood glucose, elevated blood pressure, christ to even get in shape we cause use stressors to do it via

weight lifting or exercising.

Tomorrow Im going to start taking a look at many of the different factors when it comes to stress,

then over the couple of days after that we are going to look at ways of controlling or at least attempting to minimise and control stress.

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