Blog 96.1 Stress and GI Tract continued – Circadian Disruption

Ok so the first element of stress Im going to bring into everyones awareness is circadian disruption.

This breaks down into a further two segments

Sleep Issues and light and dark disruption.

The light and dark issues are most common within shift workers, when you change time zones and daylight savings.

Now shift work and jet lag we cannot really do too much about other than stay hydrated and prepare as best we can.

When it comes to daylight savings then we can do one or two things to assist.

Phones, tvs, iPads, macs, pc’s all now have the capability to be set to daylight savings and on top of that you can adjust the temperature of the screen colour.

By doing this you limit the amounThe same can be said for pain.t fo blue light which is emitted and then taken in via our eyes.

Blue light can inhibit melatonin which in turn can affect the quality of our sleep (R.E.M sleep)

The sleep issues themselves can be in the form of apnea itself, pain or caffeine consumption.

Now with regards to Apnea thats going to need a doctor or councillor to fully entertain and explore all those pathways.

The same can be said for pain.

When it comes to caffeine, just like daylight savings we can take action. We can cut our caffeine consumption off at say 1300 each day

just like setting daily savings to kick in at 1300 so as to have a little bit more control.

Then its a case of trying to adopt a routine that will help us reinforce what we are doing


Making better choices


Tomorrow Im going to quickly and briefly skim over Perceived Stress and what that breaks down too because I feel these above can have a relationship and link to perceived stressors.

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