Today we cover Perceived Stress. The reason for covering this one is because I believe them to really go hand in hand

and they are the ones we have the most control over without going over board on extra expenses i.e supplementation

So here goes in no particular order: Things that we perceive as stressful

Relationships, a lack of control, work. All can lead to burnout and all are a perceive by us.

To an extent we can assist or reduce the above by taking a step back, keeping good communications channels, and structuring or managing ourselves better.

Of course that takes practise and has to be learnt and in some cases we just need to start doing simple things

like taking a few minutes for ourselves everyday, whether its via meditation, adopting a mantra, or simply going for a walk.

The other segment that this splits into is the anxiety and depression issues which are so common these days

which are again down to perceived factors.

Anxiety and Depression can be split down yet again though into both

Neurotransmitters and Neurosteriods.

Im not going to go into super detail here but in brief:

When I say Neurotransmitters Im talking about

  1. Glutamate
  2. GABA
  3. Dopamine
  4. Serotonin

The above contribute to your goal in some way shape or form as well as mood.

Then you have the Neurosteriods

  1. ALLO
  2. DHEA(S)
  3. Pregnenolone(s)

So as you can see, when I bang on about its more than just a calorie deficit after a set point you can see why.

We are two stages in to looking at stress and people and clients ask me 6 weeks in or 6 months why has my progressed slowed or stopped.

Theres so much to the answer where the hell do we begin!

So to summarise:

Perceived stress is anything that falls into Mental and Emotional or Anxiety and Depression factors that I have listed above.

Tomorrow we will scratch the surface of Glycemic Dysregulation and the potential effects and ways in which it inhibits progress.

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