Blog 95.3 Stress and GI Tract (Glycemic Dysregulation)

I know right it kinda feels like theres more to it than just calorie deficits and move more right…

Glycemic Dysregulation – WTAF right!

One segment here crosses over ruining my OCD but I will forgive it as I’m all anti stress at the moment.


Poor diet choices, Meals timings, stress eating and low physical activity all contribute here.

The first three break down into Low Fibre, High GI Meals, Insulin resistance (sensitivity) Obesity.

Insulin sensitivity/resistance isn’t a new thing its being around for years.

Unfortunately, this is kinda of responsible for the reasoning behind low carbohydrate diets for prolonged periods of time.

Truth of the matter is, carbs are not the enemy.

We can just be idiots when it comes to food.

Seriously, sensitivity or resistance is just fancy terminology for whether or not we are efficient at using carbs as our main macro nutrient

responsible for energy production. (IMO)

Low fibre, and how to combat that would be increase green fibrous vegetables. For example if fat loss is the goal you should be having

greens with every meal and a good amount of them volume wise (200 – 300g)

Meal timings, I would say this definitely comes further down the line with regards to the pyramid system. Should you eat before or after training. I literally thinks

this boils down to each individual. I hate training in a fed state. Especially when pull ups are involved. : )


  1. Hydration
  2. Calories
  3. Stress and GI Tract
  4. Macros
  5. Supplementation

When it comes to meal timings, I’m not eluding to the famous “o you shouldn’t eat after 6pm” line. What Im referring to and I think they are is that whats optimal.Some like to train fasted some like to train fed. We as humans can either be fasted or fed. I think its more important to know when is best to have your food types and choices.

Insulin resistance/sensitivity. To elaborate on what I said slightly earlier when it comes to carbs blood sugar monitoring can come in very useful here. Not only in learning about ourselves and our bodies but exactly what impact training and food has on us as well. Quite interesting, if boring like me.

For examples, if you measure blood sugar and its high in the morning, should you start the day with a high carb option of protein and fats to help keep it more stable and not blood glucose levels as much? As you can read it can become a bit more advanced later on.

The last one here, low physical activity is something we can all be guilty of some days. Its vitally important for us to get up and move. Thats what we are designed to do after all. Little changes thats all. Instead of reading and sitting down and drinking coffee do it stood up. If you have a dog make a conscious effort get out and walk him/her. If you exercise zero times a week just start steady and get that activity level up.

Every little bit helps…

Last topics of stress tomorrow and they are the inflammatory signals that indicate and lead to stress..

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