The final par to this topic are the inflammatory signals that may be present which are also indicating stress.

These can present as the following:

Obesity (cross over from Glycemic Dysregulation




These can present in a number of ways.

Gi inflammation, Arthritis, Cardiovascular, Atopic Diseases , allergies and infectious Diseases.

Now, I dont even begin to claim that I know anywhere near the amount of information I need to in order to begin tackling issues in this segment,


the main reason for covering these topics and bringing them to peoples attention is to let them know there is way

more to things than just a calorie deficit.

This concludes the series of posts  highlighting the different factors when it comes to stress of which there are many. Over the coming months I intend to delve deeper into these topics especially the ones we can have a direct impact on improving. We need to keep stress to a minimum in order to maintain a balanced and happier lifestyle

Tomorrow Im going to cover things we can do that help us to manage or reduce some of the stressors that we have control over.

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