Blog 96 Stress and Gut Health (GI Tract)

As you can see from the image there are a number of different groupings when it comes to stress.

In no particular order they can be broken down into:

Perceived stress

Circadian Disruption

Inflammatory Signals

Glycemic Dysregulation

I guess the best way too delve into this topic is to take it a group at a time, see what each one consists of and then go from there.

In the meantime before we dive in tomorrow to Perceived stress, take a quick peek at the pic and see just how many of the listed you already

fall into and how much is present during your everyday life.

Now during the day see if you can remove yourself at given moments and ask yourself how you are feeling about the relevant situation or what you have left to do, and see if you can identify stress levels at the time.


remember dont stress the small stuff : )

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