There we have it in a nutshell

The last few days Ive blogged albeit very brief amount of information on the factors that make up the whole topic of stress and Gut health!

This is why it really isn’t as simple as a calorie deficit and move more!!

This is also why I implore people and clients to remain patient and not try to rush everything yesterday!!

The beautiful thing with the whole system (A.B.T Applied Biosignature Transformations Pyramid) is that its simple.

However, simple doesn’t mean easy.

Whether you are a Coach or a client the always go back through the pyramid if things are appearing to slow or plateau.

Dont be afraid to ask yourself, or ask your client,

  1. Are you being consistent with your water intake?
  2. Ae you being consistent with your calories?

If the answer to both of those are yes then you need to look further, and deeper into the puzzle that is weight/fat loss/muscle tissue gain.

Tomorrows blog is going to cover things we can do in order to reduce stress.

Note to self: Something to not do if you want to keep stress levels down and too a minimum is to not take your girlfriend to London on a Saturday to purchase doughnuts from doughnut time, especially when they famously sell out 10 minutes after they open.

Definitely dont take her when said girlfriend is ill.

Do not then follow it up with a trip to IKEA on a Saturday when every man and their dog seems to take their kids, and parents their to just ponder and stroll around.

and finally do not, I REPEAT DO NOT,  accept help when it comes to putting said furniture together from IKEA no matter how many offers you receive! (that goes both ways whoever is the most DIY savvy in the relationship!

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