They’re are literally loads of techniques we can use!

They range from mediation to listening to music to just watching the rain or clouds move.

For some people its cleaning, for some people its training, both of these increase stress in some way also though so they have to be managed.

Training for example should be managed through structured periodisation and undulation of rep schemes, which help to vary the work intensity (weight shifted) and also the rest periods.

so heres a brief list of actions you could literally start to apply from today to help you and remind you that we only live once and we should savour and enjoy life to the best of our abilities.

Pretty cool quote which helped me and gave me quite a big wake up cool is the following:

“Today is the youngest and the oldest you will be ”

You will literally be the age you are now once, even after reading this you will suddenly realise, fuck its gone, Im not as young as I was when I started this sentence.

10 things you can do to alleviate and manage stress better:

  1. Take 10 minutes for yourself at least once a day
  2. Meditate
  3. Yoga
  4. Read something of interest to you unrelated to work
  5. Get out and walk for 45 minutes a day
  6. Listen to music
  7. Have a hot bath
  8. Watch a film
  9. Spend time with the family or friends
  10. Get a massage

So theres just 10 things and the list goes on believe me.

The bigger thing to take away from all this is stress manifest itself in many different ways and it presents itself extremely differently from person to person.

Its yet another process and thing to plan for when it comes to weight loss/fat loss/muscle gain. Take your time, enjoy yourself while getting it all done!

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