Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

After adding the calorie calculator to the site Ive decided to take things one step further and that is to offer bespoke Calorie and Macro breakdown which are all going to be driven by your goal. All these breakdowns will be dealt with by myself and no one else.
As you have already seen the WPT/Strength Coach Cardiff does not recommend anyone setting their calories too low (1200 Calories) the other issue with just supplying calories is that it still leaves the foggy area of how to divide the calories between macros and how to do so safely. We work together over the course of 12 weeks. I provide Skype calls every 21 days where we re assess but not only that we check in at least once a week also.
The key to results is consistency and the key to keeping the results is learning and ensuring that what you are doing and the method in which you do it is fully sustainable.


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